Zuleyka Bazjbeuk - Melikyan

Monday, 31 March 2008

ImageOn Tuesday, March 25 an exhibition of well-known Tbilissian artist of Armenian Origin Zuleyka Bazjbeuk-Melikian was opened in one of the halls of Armenian National Gallery.

Zuleyka belongs to the whole dynasty of outstanding artists. Her father Alexandr Bazjbeuk-Melikian’s paintings constitute one of the principal parts of the permanent exposition of the National Gallery of Yerevan. And the names and talent of her sister Lavinia and brother Vazguen B-M are also well-recognized both in Georgia and Armenia.

As an artist Zuleyka is very gentle and tender, obviously looking for the light in her paintings, the very light which she contains in her own soul.

Here you can see some of her paintings.


Image Image


Image Image


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Laura Harutyunyan
Member of the Wheel Club of Yerevan