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Friday, 26 February 2010

images/stories/articles/portrets/valeria.jpgValeria Novodvorskaya – Russia would have conquered whole Georgia if Obama were the President in 2008

‘InterPressNews’ interviewed the well-known human rights watch Valeria Novodvorskaya on the reasons of her arrival in Tbilisi, on the current relations between Russia and Georgia and on the probabilities of possible dangers from Russia.

- Q: Missis Valeria, you are often criticized due to your warm approaches towards Georgia in Russia. What is the reason of your warm approaches towards Georgia? And what is the goal of your arrival in Tbilisi?

- A: when Georgia ignored being the satellite of Russia refusing to be the carpet under Russia and paved its way far from Soviet Union, there remained few friends of Georgia in Russian Federation. To tell you the truth only Konstantin Borovoy and I am turned out to be devoted to Georgia. We were actively supporting to Georgia in August 2008. You might know that Borovoy created the site supporting to Georgia. I was prohibited to make a speech in ‘Echo Moscow’ for talking the truth about Georgia. You may remember when the editor-in-chief of ‘Echo Moscow’ Benediktov had been summoned by Putin in Sochi where he was threatened. Russian human rights watches broke silence towards the Kremlin when Georgians had been sending back to Georgia. No one wished to hear that Georgia had the right to use weapons on its own territory for self-defense. I am proud of Georgia. I have significant ground to be proud of Georgia for paving its way towards the West, making reforms, maintaining the feeling of dignity and refusing the restoration of Soviet Union. I am proud of Georgia even for gained war. For Russia wished to occupy not only Abkhazia and South Ossetia but the whole Georgia, but Georgia managed to stop Russia. Georgia did not beg for gas and oil like Germany and Ukraine. I am proud of Georgia for Georgia is the first state who dared to cease the diplomatic relations with Russia. Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic also had the ground to do the same but they failed to dare it. Even the USA had such ground when Russia detained American citizen accusing in espionage claimed the confession of the crime from the detainee. If I were the US president I would claim from Congress and Senate to cease the diplomatic relations with Russia.

I arrived in Tbilisi under the invitation of Kakha Bendukidze. I shall participate in the round table where the perspectives of soviet area should be discussed. Besides, I plan to release lectures at Tbilisi Business School and Gori universities. I could not have refused arrival in Georgia. Unfortunately, I am neither oligarch nor military person to help Georgia with finances or military forces, but I am doing what I can do for Georgia. I arrived in Tbilisi to morally and politically support to Georgia. In case of need I shall join to Georgian army.

- Q: we often get acquaint with your views in various outlets, but what happens in today’s Russia?

- A: there happens what should have happened in a country which does not want to study from the lessons of the history. Russia does not make Western choice. There is rehabilitation of soviet order underway in Russia, but I do not know what might be the end of it.

Russia will continue decaying and no one will ever facilitate its prosperity. But Russia is still dangerous. Unfortunately, Russia owes nuclear weapons and it is getting hard to rule the country. Russia resembles to China, North Korea, Iran and Cuba. There is no instance in the world that can solve the questions of the mentioned states.

- Q: Russian government does not plan to decline the recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. How might the processes develop in Abkhazia and South Ossetia occupied by Russia?

- A: the processes will develop in Abkhazia and South Ossetia similarly to the various subjects of Russian Federation. Voices of protest and mourning are in all the subjects of Russian Federation. Bashkireti, Kalmukheti, Tatarstan, Eastern Crimea, Kaliningrad and the other regions are the best examples of it. Bandit clans of Abkhazia and South Ossetia will appropriate the sums segregated by Moscow. There will not be either economics or normal life in those regions; but when Russia will not have finances people living in the mentioned regions will die with hunger. Soon Abkhazia and Ossetia will beg Tbilisi to return back to
Georgian borders.

- Q: there are many talks about the possible aggression of Russia towards Georgia. President Saakashvili made a statement about it in London. How do you think, might such dangers be real?

- A: I am concerned with the activities of White House. Bush had been laughing, but he was hero. He believed in God and had been think that God was his electorate. Obama does not believe in God; he believes in ratings. Russia would conquer whole Georgia if Obama were the President in 2008. Obama wishes to negotiate with Russia. I have an impression that he is ashamed of the role played by America in the world. The USA was global curator. In fact, some one should control planet.

When I think about the possible dangers, I am surprised with the activities of Georgian opposition. It behaves as if Georgia is on Marc and Russia on Saturn having no contacts. I cannot understand such behaviors while the tanks of enemy state are stationed near Tbilisi. There is an impression as if Georgian opposition invites Russia – please, invade in Tbilisi.

- Q: in you opinion, except of the USA passiveness, does Georgian opposition endanger Georgia?

- A: yes, I am saying it to you. Georgian opposition seems to wish the occupation of Georgia and ready to play the role of strange people who invited soviet tanks in Czech Republic in 1968. They forget Russian tanks adjacent Tbilisi. Georgian opposition cheats itself while thinking the Kremlin will facilitate them to elect the president in case of Russian tanks invasion in Tbilisi. Russia has the candidate for the post of Georgian president – Igor Giorgadze living in villa near Moscow. Georgian opposition should be more cautious.

Double citizenship is also great danger for Georgia. Georgia should not admit Double citizenship of Georgia and Russia in Georgia. I do not want the history played by Russia in Abkhazia and South Ossetia to be repeated, I mean conferral of Russian passportization in the mentioned regions. Russia acts primitively. Hitler started to confer passports in the other states and Russia ended in August 2008. Double citizenship is great danger for the whole post soviet area. All post soviet states should revoke Double citizenship before Russia is neutralized. I cannot imagine how there might be raised the question of Double citizenship when there is strained relations between Russia and Georgia. In my opinion, citizens living in Russia and Georgia, who wish Double citizenship, should satisfy with one of the states citizenship.

Koba Bendeliani


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