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Sunday, 12 August 2007

Here, you can find a statute which is the foundation for principles and the objectives of the Association

Chapter I


№ 1

1.The Association named “The Common House of Caucasus in Poland”, hereinafter called and referred to as “the Association”, operates in accordance with the Act of 7th of April 1989, Law of Associations, and this statute.

2. The name of the Association is legally restricted and can be translated to the other languages.

№ 2

1. The Association is a group of natural persons committed to developing consensus and cooperation among the nations of Caucasus.

2. The area of the Association’s activities is the territory of the Republic of Poland and the seat of the Association is located in Warsaw.

№ 3

In order to achieve its objectives, the Association may also operate abroad in accordance with the legal regulations in force abroad.

№ 4

1.The Association is a legal entity and is established for an unspecified time.

2.The Association can use logos, badges and seals in accordance with separate regulations.

№ 5

The Association can accept membership of other national and international organizations which have similar aims.

№ 6

The Association bases its work on the voluntary work of its members. In order to carry out its activities, the Association can also employ paid staff.

Chapter II


№ 7

The objectives of the Association are:

1. To popularize the knowledge of the cultures, history, society, economy and policy of Caucasus area

2. To initiate and support a cooperation in scientific research, culture and social issues between Poland and the Caucasian nations, in particular with Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan

3. To support dialog, consensus and cooperation between the Caucasian nations

4. To support members of the Caucasian communities in Poland.

5. To support development programmes in the region.

№ 8

The Association achieves its objectives by the means of:

1. Organization of a specialist library which will collect books, periodicals, films and electronic media concerning the Caucasus region

2. Organization of conferences, meetings, symposiums, workshops, lectures and other educational and scientific events

3. Organization of exhibitions, concerts, festivals and other cultural and artistic events

4. Providing support to alumni, students and researchers from the Caucasus nations, and organizing student exchange programmes between Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Poland

5. Popularization of knowledge, carrying out promotional and publishing activities, cooperation with the Caucasian media

6. Organization of artistic, business, sport and similar specialized tours which aim to realize the objectives of the Association

7. Initiating and supporting the cooperation between the organizations based in the Caucasus and in Poland

8. Cooperation with the Armenian, Azeri and Georgian diasporas in Poland and abroad

Chapter III

Rights and obligations of the members

№ 9

1. Membership of the Association is open to natural and legal persons. A legal person may only be a supporting member the Association.

2. Membership of the Association is open to citizens of the Republic of Poland, to foreigners who have a legal residence in the Republic of Poland and to citizens of other countries.

№ 10

Members of the Association may have the following status:

1. Ordinary Members

2. Supporting Members

3. Honorary Members

№ 11

1. An Ordinary Member may be a natural person who has a full legal capacity and who is citizen of Poland or a foreigner resident in Poland, and who will declare their willingness to cooperate and assist in the achievement of the Association’s objectives, and who will obtain a written recommendation from two existing members of the Association.

2. Admission of Ordinary Members is carried out by the Management Board.

№ 12

1. A Supporting Member of the Association is a natural or legal person who is citizen of Poland or any other country and who declares to furnish financial, material or know-how assistance to the Association.

2. Admission of Supporting Members is carried out by the Management Board.

№ 13

1. A Honorary Member of the Association is a natural or legal person who is citizen of Poland or any other country and brings an outstanding contribution to the development of the Association or achievement of its statutory objectives.

2. Admission of Honorary Members is carried out by the General Meeting upon a request brought forward by ten Ordinary Members of the Association.

№ 14

1. An Ordinary Member has a right to:

1) Elect, and be elected to, the governing bodies of the Association

2) Submit requests and motions regarding the Association’s activities

3) Make use of the Association’s assistance and facilities while undertaking Activities in accordance with its statutory objectives

4) Participate in works, meetings and other activities of the Association with a voting right

5) Have a membership card and use the Association’s badges

2. An Ordinary Member is obliged to:

1) Observe the Statute, rules and resolutions of the Association

2) Make regular payment of membership fees to the Association

3) Contribute to the realization of the Association’s statutory objectives

4) Protecting the Association’s property

№ 15

Supporting Members and Honorary Members do not have active and passive voting rights. However, they may participate in the Association’s governing bodies with an advisory voice; other than that, they have the same rights as Ordinary Members of the Association.

№ 16

1. A Supporting Member is obliged to fulfill its declared obligations, observe the Statute and follow the decisions of the Association’s governing bodies.

2. A Honorary Member is exempt from the payment of membership fees.

№ 17

Membership in the Association ceases upon:

1. Submitting a written resignation to the Management Board by the member;

2. Death or loss of legal personality by the member

3. Its cancellation by the Management Board on account of

- the member’s acting contrary to the Statute or decisions of the Management Board

- the member’s repeatedly refusing participation in the Association’s activities

- the member’s non-payment of the membership fees for a continuous period of six months.

№ 18

A person whose membership was canceled has a right to file an appeal to the General Meeting within a period of thirty days from the date of receiving the decision in writing. The General Meeting examines the appeal during the earliest debate. The decision of the General Meeting is final.

Chapter IV

The governing bodies

№ 19

The governing bodies of the Association are as follows:

1. General Meeting of the members of the Association

2. Management Board

3. Review Board

№ 20

1. Members of the governing bodies are elected by the General Meeting by an open ballot in the presence of more than half of the total number of Members.

2. In case of a lack of quorum, the Management Board announces another date for an Meeting meeting. In this case, the resolutions are passed by a simple majority vote regardless of the number of the members present.

3. Members of the Association’s electable governing bodies are elected for a three years’ term.

4. Members of the Management Board can be elected for more than one term of office.


№ 21

General Meeting is the supreme governing body of the Association. Participants of the General Meeting may include:

1. Ordinary Members – with a decisive vote

2. Supporting Members, Honorary Members and invited guests – with an advisory vote

№ 22

General Meeting can be either ordinary or extraordinary.

№ 23

Ordinary General Meeting is called once every three years by the Management Board of the Association. Management Board should inform all members about date, location and agenda no less than seven days in advance.

№ 24

1. Extraordinary General Meeting can be called whenever a need arises. Extraordinary General Meeting is called by the Management Board:

1) On its own initiative

2) Upon request of the Review Board

3) Upon written request of no less than one third of the normal number of Ordinary Members of the Association

2. Extraordinary General Meeting should be organized within one month since the request was submitted, and it should consider the subject matter proposed.

3. Resolution of the General Meeting are passed by a simple majority vote in the presence of more than half of the number of the Ordinary Members of the Association. In case of a lack of quorum, the Management Board announces another date of a General Meeting. In this case, the resolutions are passed by a simple majority vote regardless of the number of the members present. The foregoing rule does not apply to resolutions on modification of the Association’s Statute and/or on dissolution of the Association.

№ 25

Competencies of the General Meeting of Members include in particular:

1. Setting directions and activity plan of the Association

2. Enacting the Statute and any changes to it

3. Election and dissolution of all the governing bodies of the Association

4. Evaluation of the performance of the Management Board and Review Board

5. Passing a confidence or no-confidence vote for the Management Board as requested by the Review Board

6. Deciding the structure of membership fees and all other financial contributions for the Association

7. Passing resolution of granting honorary membership

8. Analyzing and approving the reports submitted by the Association’s governing bodies

9. Analyzing motions and proposals submitting by the members of the Association and its governing bodies

10. Analyzing appeals against the Management Board’s decisions

11. Passing resolutions on dissolution of the Association and allocation of its property

12. Passing resolutions on every case brought on the agenda and in all issues not restricted to competencies of other governing bodies of the Association


№ 26

1. The Management Board represents the Association externally and carries out overall management of the Association’s activities in accordance with the resolutions passed by the General Meeting.

2. The Management Board consists of no less than three and no more than five members who are elected by the General Meeting.

3. During its first meeting, the Management Board elects its President from among its members.

4. Resolution of the Management Board are passed in an open ballot by a simple majority vote in the presence at least half the number of the entitled members (quorum). In case of an even number of votes, the President’s vote is decisive.

5. Meetings of the Management Board are called as a need arises but not less frequently than once a month.

6. Meetings of the Management Board are called by its President.

№ 27

Competencies of the Management Board include:

1. Implementation of the resolutions of the General Meeting

2. Management of the Association’s work in line with its statutory objectives

3. Preparation of the Association’s budget and plan of action

4. Management of the Association’s assets

5. Calling the General Meeting

6. Adopting resolutions on admitting and excluding members

7. Representation of the Association externally and acting on behalf of the Association

8. Deciding on the remuneration of the Association’s employees


№ 28

1. The Review Board is a governing body of the Association set up to carry out a review of its activities.

2. The Review Board consists of three members who elect a Chairman from among themselves.

№ 29

Competencies of the Review Board include:

1. To review the overall activities of the Association

2. To present the conclusions of each review before the General Meeting, and to submit the review conclusions to, and request clarification from, the Management Board

3. The right of requesting to call a General Meeting and/or a meeting of the Management Board

4. To request to perform a confidence or no-confidence vote for the Management Board

5. To submit reports of its activities before the General Meeting

№ 30

1. Members of the Review Board cannot perform other functions in the governing bodies of the Association or be employed by the Association.

2.The members of the Review Board cannot participate in the meetings of the Management Board with an advisory voice.

3. The Review Board follows its own regulations which have been approved by the General Meeting.

4. The Review Board has a right to request from the members and the governing bodies of the Association to submit written and oral clarifications on the matters under review.

№ 31

Should the composition of governing body of the Association be reduced during its tenure, the vacant post can be filled by cooptation performed by the remaining members of the governing body in question. No more than half of the composition of that governing body can be instituted in this procedure.

Chapter V

Assets and funding

№ 32

1. The sources of the Association’s income include:

1) membership fees

2) donations, bequests and legacies from private charity and public collections

3) subsidies, grants, subventions, public funding, service contracts, external resources

2. The Association carries out financial management and accounting according to the law in force

3. Financial resources can only be located on a banking account of the Association

№ 33

Making statement of will in all matters, including property rights, entering contract agreements and granting the power of attorney on behalf of the Association is required to by done by two members of the Management Board acting jointly

Chapter VI

Statue changes and dissolution of the association

№ 34

1. The enactment of the Statute or any change to it and a resolution on dissolution of the Association is taken by the General Meeting and by a two-third majority of votes in the presence at least half of the members with voting rights.

2. The General Meeting defines the liquidators and allocates the property of the Association.

3. The property of the Association can be handed over only to an organization with similar statutory objectives.

The Management Board:

President: Hijran Aliyeva

Member of the Management Board: Anna Cieślewska

Member of the Management Board: Przemysław Ozierski

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