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Meeting in Berlin


Tuesday, 01 April 2008

Image The other day an annual session of the coordination council of Azerbaijani and Turkish diaspora groups has ended in Berlin. The president of the organization “Common House of Caucasus in Poland” Hijran Aliyeva took part in this meeting. H.A.: "My opinion is that we shouldn’t impose the idea of the Common House of Caucasus to the people of our region. The process of unifying Caucasians is irreversible. It is in our minds, inside of us, though our hearts still bleed for Caucasian tragedies. But poets assure that the time is the best healer! So let’s value the time".

- Which was the main motivation of your vizit to Berlin? 

ImageHijran Aliyeva: The main motivation of my participation on the session was to meet my countrymen, who respect my point of view concerning the future of Azerbaijanian-Armenian relations and regional neighborhood policy of the countries of South Caucasus.

- What did you told about in your speech at the meeting?

H.A.: I didn’t spoke publicly. I think that the idea of the Common House of Caucasus should be supported by the top leadership of all the three countries of South Caucasus. At that moment it was too early to speak about it publicly and that was why my public speech would be untimely. Though, I’ve noticed that the speakers touched upon the subjects, on which I spoke as early as three years ago. And then it seemed inadmissible for the Azerbaijanian society. For me this kind of activities are excellent chances for presenting our organization directly. ImageThe most part of the participants in Berlin were represented the elites of Azerbaijani and Turkish diaspora groups and were tolerant to my views. During my offstage negotiations and meetings I could define concrete followers and associates of the idea of the Common House of Caucasus and find like-minded persons, which gave me a hope for future cooperation with them.

 - What if tomorrow you will be invited to take part in these kinds of meetings by Armenians? Would you accept it?

H.A.: Being a president of the Common House of Caucasus I trend to get to know the actual views and ideas of Caucasians. That is why I try to attend different activities and meetings, organized by my neighbors in the region. I often participate in these kinds of meetings first of all in the capacity of an observer, at least yet. Concerning the Armenian diaspora, I’d like to mention that nearly a month ago I got in contact with the Armenians in Byelorussia, after which they initiated a creation of a branch of the Common House of Caucasus in Grodno. We continue the negotiations and in May-April of this year I think we’ll make a certain decision on this issue.

- What did you achieve on this meeting?

ImageH.A.: Sincerity! My countrymen treated my endeavors with sincerity and respected my views. During my meetings in Berlin, an unforgettable case happened to me. My friend, who lives in one of the countries of Western Europe, during several days, asked me a lot of questions about the goals, objectives and partners of Common House of Caucasus. Sometimes we had hot discussions. But, in the end of the meeting he confessed that his seven year old sun among many children in the class chose an Armenian boy as his friend. They attend school and do homework together. Their relations were undesirable for him till one day his son gave him a rhetorical question: “Father, may be, we’ll find the solution to the Karabakh conflict with Armen?” These words got the whip on him. My friend became acquainted with the parents of his son.

My opinion is that we shouldn’t impose the idea of the Common House of Caucasus to the people of our region. The process of unifying Caucasians is irreversible. It is in our minds, inside of us, though our hearts still bleed for Caucasian tragedies. But poets assure that the time is the best healer! So let’s value the time.










foto: and by Elshan Nazarov

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